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Getting my Green Gurls email is the highlight of my week! I am always so excited to see Lisa and Suzi’s favorite green products and to see what they have learned from their journey to going green. So happy to have these amazing people to give suggestions and encouragement.

Lori J.

I’m enjoying The Green Gurls Club and look forward to my Monday email. I’m learning that most things I use on my skin have toxins. And I’m not okay with that! Green Gurls Club makes it easy to swap out the basics. My skincare routine has changed dramatically and because of that, my skin has cleared up. I feel confidant. I feel beautiful and I’m excited to learn more. I have two boys and when I use products on them (like sunscreens) I know what’s in the product and I don’t have to worry. I also just got a recommendation on a lipstick color and I can’t wait to order. Thank You!

Linda P.

I like The Green Gurls Club because the info is clear and put in a fun way. I also like sharing with my friends and loved ones. There are toxins in products I had no clue that existed! It’s freaky yet interesting to learn more about what I am buying and it helps me make smarter choices when I purchase new.

Barbara S.

The Green Gurls Club has made switching to a more natural product lifestyle SOOO much easier. I’ve been following both Suzi and Lisa on Instagram for tips and it’s been daunting trying to figure out where to start (especially with a new baby at home). The guides with shopping links make it so easy! Click, and it’s on its way. I know recommended products have been verified by two leading industry experts and I feel safe knowing I’m using the best for my family. And the makeup recommendations are SO FUN! I’ve converted my sister-in-law and many friends to the products The Green Gurls Club recommends. I’m spreading the message. Thank you both!

Alexis T.

You guys have gone above and beyond what I expected. Going from a simple challenge to creating a full-fledged support group and amazing community! The continuous support in answering questions with knowledge and integrity is invaluable. We should not have to be chemists or doctors to understand what’s in our products and The Green Gurls Club has helped me discover some amazing brands. I tell everyone I know about this club and the value it provides so we can lock arms and change the beauty industry and the world. Thank you!

Kelly N.

I really appreciate Lisa and Suzi’s commitment to creating a demand for nontoxic products and making a collective difference. I thought I was “green” but there was so much I didn’t know and so much I have to learn. The Green Gurls Club is honest, accessible and genuine. It cuts to the chase and doesn’t sugar coat anything. Going green can be overwhelming, expensive and challenging but Green Gurls Club makes it fun and serves as an amazing resource. The product recommendations are awesome and the promo codes and giveaways are extremely generous. I look forward to my weekly emails and reference them often.

Carrie B.

I LOVE The Green Gurls Club! You make it so easy to know the right ingredients and the right products. I love being able to just look at the lists you post and know what’s safe for me and my family. And having price options is super helpful. It allows me to choose what’s right for my budget. Thank you so much for making the “green” life truly accessible!

Dyanna G.

Lisa and Suzi and like my own personal shopping assistants. They check in the ingredients on products, make sure they are safe and then give me a review. They are a dream come true for this busy working mom! I want the best for me and my family and I thought I was choosing the right products but The Green Gurls Club has helped me realize that just because something says its is natural, doesn’t necessarily mean it is. So far the products they have recommended have been fantastic! I have saved so much time and money and the club has put my mind at ease knowing I am eliminating toxins from my house one product at a time. Thank you so much!

Jennifer W.

WOW! What and eye opener! I thought I lived pretty healthy eating spinach and doing yoga but The Green Gurls Club taught me how to read product labels and I found out what I was buying was not healthy at all. I love that Lisa and Suzi make the going green transition easy. For $10/mo they send you an email every week with clean options and a chance to win free products! If you haven’t thought about what’s in your products, now’s the time!

Victoria A.

Who We Are….

Hi! I’m Lisa…

I like my food organic and my makup + skincare nontoxic. Is it too much to ask for a grass-fed burger and a nontoxic red lipstick!? I say no!

But it wasn’t always this way. Going green started when my youngest son was born with eczema. After docs recommended a steroid cream that ended up bleaching his skin – I ditched my old ways and started going green. We started buying organic + nontoxic food, household products, baby care, personal care, makeup – you name it! And then his eczema went away when we stripped dairy from his diet, and in that moment we were convinced.

So what happens when a diehard passion for clean living meets a degree in Journalism? A blogger is born. I blog because I want to see a change. Choosing green means choosing health, a sustainable planet, and supporting the types of business we want to see thrive.

Hey! I’m Suzi…

I’m pretty into living as clean as possible.  I’ve always been a makeup wearing, beauty obsessed kind of gal.  I’m a cosmetologist and I guess you could say it’s always been in my blood.  Well, since going green nothing has changed.  Yep, you heard me right.  I still wear makeup and still do my hair, but guess what?  I use nontoxic products- that work!
This whole journey started for me when I read a book my mom had bought me for Christmas called No More Dirty Looks.  I remember taking it to work and reading it on my breaks- I couldn’t get enough!  My whole world was turned upside down.  I no longer could look at any product I used the same.  I remember thinking I have to tell everyone and I pretty much did.  Eventually people started to encourage me to blog and I did just that.  That was 7 years ago and I haven’t looked back.  If I can help one person decide to ditch toxins it’s all worth it.
Now not only is my beauty routine nontoxic but also every other product I use.  From the food I eat, cleaning products, baby products and more.  Living a green lifestyle is all about making informed decisions for you and your family.  So excited you stopped by!

Suzi’s Story

Hey Guys, so excited to share Suzi's Story or I should say my story and how I ended up at The Green Gurls Club!  Yesterday my friend Lisa shared her story.  You can read it here.  We shared how we started The Green Gurls Club and why our mission is SO important! So...
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Lisa’s Story: Why I Am Going Green

Learn more about what lead Lisa to go green and check out her favorite things!

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Why It Matters
  • Unlike food – that gets broken down through several barriers like your kidneys, liver and saliva – products that enter through your skin don’t and they end up directly in your bloodstream. You have no systems here to protect against the toxic chemicals! American Journal of Public Health
  • Toxic heavy metals and other harmful substances have been found in children’s products. Breast Cancer Prevention Partners
  • The Food and Drug Administration has no authority to ensure the safety of a product. It is the responsibility of the company or manufacturer.
Our Mission

We choose to detox our home and buy green because we value our health and our family’s health. Making this change at home impacts our families but it also makes waves that impact big economy. When we stop buying conventional toxic products and start buying green, organic and nontoxic replacements we are creating a demand for the type of product we want to see on store shelves.

We are standing up and supporting sustainability. We are actively effecting supply and demand. We are making informed decisions. We are saying NO to being taking advantage of and YES to health. We are creating the world we want to live in. Make this choice with us.

Fast Friends: How We Met

Our friendship is a new age pen pal kind of story and the best of its kind. In 2015, we were both on social media dishing tips on healthy swaps, clean eats and how to live green. We aren’t quite sure how we landed on each other’s Instagrams but we did and we’re so thankful for it.  We instantly hit it off and became fast friends.

“Suzi has a heart of gold, so much to share and truly the greenest person I know.” – Lisa

Over the course of a year and a half we chatted over social, read each others blogs and stayed up until all hours on the phone. We finally met in person at the Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas this past spring and it was so much fun!

They say there is only one ship that never sinks: a “partnership”! So with passions in hand and an undying desire to create change, we teamed up to form The Green Gurls Club. We want a place where people can come and talk skincare, makeup, household, baby, personal care, travel, fashion and more.

We are here to help you find green alternatives that work. No hassle, no compromise, no trial and error, no wasted money or time. We will make living green fun and easy. And we both agree we couldn’t have picked a better partner.

“Lisa has made this journey so fun!  She makes me laugh daily, always is eager to learn and does her research.” – Suzi


Help Me Detox!

With disease on the rise and toxins in everything from our food to our mattresses, to our makeup, we are on a mission to lessen the exposure: one product at a time.

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